ATT: All Facebook Business Pages (Video)

Howdy guys,

If you administer a Facebook page, then today’s DIY Monday is for you. Facebook is making major changes to its newsfeed algorithm come January 2015 and ALL pages will be effected so best prepare for it now.

From January 2015, Facebook will reduce the organic reach of all business pages substantially, essentially ‘forcing’ them to pay for advertising. As a principle, I’m against paid advertising on social media as I believe it should be free. If you rely largely on Facebook to communicate with your target audience and you do not have a marketing budget, I’d suggest you either immediately start planning for additional expenses or find other avenues to reach your target audience. You can read more about Facebook’s craziness here.

In today’s DIY Monday, I’ll show you a small little trick you can do to ensure that your subscribers/followers still receive updates from your page (even if Facebook will try to hide it). So go ahead and watch the video…

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screencast (5) from Meriza on Vimeo.

DIY: How to create a KILLER presentation (video)

Howdy guys,

I was recently asked to do a presentation about my services to a potential client and I was slightly freaked out! I wanted to come across as professional but I didn’t want the ‘normal’ boring PowerPoint presentation. I wanted something fresh and hip and so I started trolling the web for something a little more creative. And that’s how I discovered on

I loved this site because it offers so much freedom for the non-paying user. Usually with these kinda sites, you are very restricted with the capabilities for non-paying subscribers that it really isn’t even worth it at the end of the day. But surprisingly, I grew very fond of Stupeflix and I use it quite often now.

Another great advantage is that you don’t need a degree in rocket science to be able to create a video presentation on Stupeflix. This is always a major added bonus as I’m not the most technically-advanced person. It’s quick and easy and you can create a super professional presentation in minutes.

Give it a try and let me know how you guys find it.

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How to create a KILLER presentation… from Meriza on Vimeo.

DIY: How to embed a tweet onto your website (video)

Howdy guys,

In yet another **AWESOME** screen recording video, I show you how to embed a tweet onto your website/blog. Embedding a tweet holds many advantages including that it allows people to favourite, reply or retweet straight from your website or blog, as oppose to clicking away from your blog and having to log into twitter. As bloggers, we’d like people to linger as long as possible on our blogs/websites for better statistics at the end of the day. This makes today’s DIY Monday a very handy tool to use.

Whether you use a blog like WordPress (like I do) or any other CMS (content management system) backend, the principle is pretty much the same. It should work on just about any CMS/backend. Happy tweeting and sharing everyone!

Till next time, hugs and high5’s.


Ps. Everyone, please meet Vimeo, my new video sharing site. What do you think? Yay or nay? I lovit!

How to embed a tweet onto your website… from Meriza on Vimeo.

DIY: Why your business needs content marketing (video)

Howdy guys,

So as many of you may (or may not) know, I’ve been advocating for content marketing since forever. Although content marketing has pretty much been established in overseas markets (mostly developed countries), it’s still a relatively new concept here in South Africa. And even though I hate following western trends, I’m sorry to tell you that content marketing is here and it’s not going anywhere. So best prepare for it now. This entire blog is my business’ content marketing. When potential customers come to my blog, I’d like them to know these four things;

  • I am creative in writing and content formation and presentation.
  • I am innovative.
  • I am helpful; and
  • My pictures don’t look too shabby.

These are also the services my business offers. This blog tells potential customers a lot about who I am and what my capabilities are. And hopefully that translates into the fact that I have an immense passion for what I do, and who doesn’t wanna work with someone who loves what they do? But, while some people might not like it, many may like it a lot. And those are the people I’d love to help and work with.

For today’s DIY Monday, I’d like to share a very entertaining (even if I have to say so myself!) slideshow with you. It encapsulates the essentials on why your business needs content marketing to build and maintain a trustworthy relationship with your customers and potential customers. Please see the video below;

Why your business needs Content Marketing from Meriza on Vimeo.


I’ve also created a great diagram for you to download and keep close-by should you need it; Content Marketing

Ps. I’d like to apologise for posting video links (as oppose to posting the actual video). Unfortunately WordPress only really allows for youtube clips to be viewed as videos on the blog and since I don’t have a youtube channel (yet!), it prevents me from showing my videos straight from my blog. But I’m working on that youtube channel, promise. Please bare with me.

P. P. S. I know you’ll fall hopelessly in love with the background music in the slideshow and before you ask, I’ll tell you; it’s Beethoven’s Silencio.  Wowie! Isn’t it just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard?

Till next time, hugs and high5’s!


DIY: How to create great looking fonts! (video)

Howdy guys,

I’ve officially moved away from the old, boring written blog and embraced my inner ‘new media’ (coz that’s how we roll here at Aim : The Blog). What am I talking about? A screen recording, silly! Come on, get with it.

I’m super excited to share my very first recording with you for this week’s DIY Monday. I have a few bloopers here and there, but please bare with me it’ll get better over time (I hope!). Today I show you how to create awesome looking fonts for designing purposes or for personal use, if you’re a creative mind.

Please give me feedback on the video. I’d love to hear what you think.

Till next time… Hugs and high5’s!

Watch the video here.