Hello July!


Bam! And just like that we’ve passed the mid-year mark and 2014 is slowly by surely rushing to an end. Oh my, how the time has flown! Do you still remember your New Year’s resolutions? And if so, how are you faring?

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions but I do love lists. So while I don’t have a list of resolutions to share, I thought I’d share a list of things I did accomplished these past six months. Here goes;

1. Started a blog

This has been in the making for some time and I’ve been back and forthing about what I should write about. I’m a big believer in personal branding and even more so for those working in my industry. I believe that if you are not in control of your own virtual branding, that the world will do it for you. If you’re non-existent on the web, people may infer that as you not taking initiative or that you’re not legit. So it became imperative for me to start branding myself digitally. And thus far, I’m loving my blogging experience!

2. Bought a second lens

I’m still relatively new to photography and I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned these past six months. And even though I know I’m still very far from knowing everything, I do know that I’m almost there. And so I’ve invested in a second camera lens; a 50mm, f/ 1.4 prime lens and whoa! What a powerful little monster it is! I did my homework before I started shopping for a second lens but no one told me of the power of this little one. In fact, I struggled to control this lens when I first took it outside. Most of my pics were overexposed but I’m finally getting the hang of it. Thank goodness! Now shooting with my prime lens is so AH-some! #lovit!

3. Earned money from using my skills (and my company).

Leaving my day-job was one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life! In fact, just before handing in my resignation I had a massive panic attack, sitting on the bathroom floor at midnight, crying. The uncertainty nearly drove me insane. But as it turns out, many people out there are in need for the skills I have and the best part is that they’re willing to pay me for it! How awesome is that?! I am so blessed to be compensated for what I love to do. There’s no greater freedom in life than doing what you love. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s an absolute must.

4. Visited another African country (Nigeria) and loved it!

I’ve been privileged enough to have travelled to Nigeria, and man, can those Nigerians teach us South Africans a thing or two? Those of you who know me, knows of the passion I have for this continent. I believe in Africa’s economic rising and I believe that it will happen within our lifetime. We are already witnessing a thriving African middleclass emerging and it will only expand in future. So when offered an opportunity to travel to another African country, I jumped, literally! What an experience it was. I admire the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit, above all. Many of the Nigerians I’ve met were some of the most powerful Africans I’ve ever come into contact with. Not powerful in riches or wealth necessarily, but powerful simply in presence. It was a ‘you-should-have-been-there’ experience.

5. Learned more about photography and graphic design than the preceding two years.

I took up photography and graphic designing about two years ago, but I was never really serious about either. I did only what was absolutely necessary as was required by my day-job. But since going my own route, I’ve invested so much time and effort into fine-tuning my photographic and graphic designing skills and what a journey it has been. It’s been frustrating but oh-so-very rewarding. There’s nothing quite like working so hard on something and seeing your hard work pay off. I cannot think of a greater satisfaction.

6. Read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist (finally!)

I’ve been one of Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho’s greatest fans for about three years. I follow him on facebook and twitter and I often use his quotes. I stay up to date with his work and often read his book reviews. But for some reason, I just could never get hold of his most famous book, The Alchemist. It always was either sold out or out of stock at most book stores I visited. Then, while flying to Nigeria, I managed to pop in at Exclusive Books at the airport in Joburg and low and behold, it happened to be the 25th anniversary of the book and they created a special edition for this occasion. I started reading while at O.R Tambo airport and I literally closed the book when I landed in Lagos. It was the one book I’ve longed to read for as long as I can remember and it was worth the wait. If you haven’t read it yet, you simply must.

These were some of my highlights for the first half of 2014. I’ve been truly blessed in so many ways. I hope the second half will bring many more adventures.

Till next time. xoxo

Photo challenge : Dying roses

With the winter in full force and snow touching the high mountains here in the Langeberg, I thought it a good idea to try and capture the last moments of my mother’s rose garden before that too dies out. I managed to capture quite a few rose buds while some fully bloomed roses also made for a colourful display.

Hope you’ll enjoy my pics.

Till next time…









Random landscape picture

One of the things I love most about photography is the ability to capture beauty in its most natural form. I absolutely love blue skies, green grass, dirt roads, blue mountains and yellow and orange sunsets. I would capture these all day, if I could. But landscape photography has been both a challenge and adventure to me.

Sometimes what the eye sees is not the same as what the lens sees and let me tell you, this can be an extremely frustrating ordeal. Having to find that perfect combination between ISO, light and dark exposure and aperture can leave you exhausted and mentally drained. And trust me, for a perfectionist like me, it is excruciating. But, like most things in life, photography too, can be ‘figure-outable’.

The pic below was taken during the December holidays on our way back home after spending some time at the West Coast. It was somewhere around the Swartland, hence the stacks of hay. I was driving and taking the pic at the same time, which resulted in the little blur effect at the bottom of the pic (not my brightest moment, I know). I simply couldn’t resist the urge to capture the perfect combination of bluest of blue skies, whitest of white clouds and the yellowist hay. It was perfect.

What with all the artificial beauty in the world around us nowadays, this picture ought the speak volumes.

Till next time…