The winter is coming…

While the folks in the north are getting ready for summer, we here in the south are bracing ourselves for yet another cold and wet winter. And if the longevity of this year’s drawn-out summer is anything to go by, I can predict that this year’s winter will be looong and brutal.

However, in line with my melancholic side, I absolutely looove winter. I would be happiest if it could rain everyday. Love, love, loooove the rain! While we gear up for winter, I’ll share a list of my faviourite winter must-haves…

Here goes;

1. I love big Boots and I cannot lie!

I love boots; long boots, short boots, black boots, white boots, high-heel boots, flat-heel boots. Boots, boots everywhere! A girl can never have too many pairs of boots. These are my fave pair at the moment. It’s a pair of Caterpillar boots that I picked up at Old Khaki but they’re also available at Cape Union Mart. They are the most comfortable pair of boots in the world and I am so in love with them. They’re totally worth the price.


2. Butternut soup

Here’s a banal fact; anything with butternut is king’s food in Meriza’s world and butternut soup is no exception. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m an addict for Woolies’ butternut soup. It’s incredibly creamy and oh so very yummy! I try to stock up as much as I can, as often as I can. It’s an absolute winter must-have.


3. Rusks

A cold winter’s morning without a cuppa java and a few pieces of delicious rusks would simply be wrong. I prefer Woolies’ Ayrshire Buttermilk & Bran Rusks but when I try to watch the calories I opt for Ouma’s Lite Muesli Rusks. They have borderline cardboard tendencies but at least they’re ‘easier’ on the hips. I do love me some rusks.


4. Cetaphil

I have a skin condition called ‘Atopic dermatitis’, as my dermatologist calls it. My skin flares up especially during winter and I have to take extra care of it. I use this wonderful product called Cetaphil. It fights the cold and keeps my skin soft and moisturised. It really is the best product out there. I wouldn’t be able to survive winter without it. It works wonders for my skin.


5. Electric blanket

Together with my fluffy duck feather duvet, my electric blanket is my other winter bestie. The Langeberg valley gets extremely cold during night times and it’s almost impossible to survive without an electric blanket. It’s the best invention since sliced bread. Trust me, once you go electric, you never go back.


6. Red, red wine

No winter’s evening would be complete without a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace. In fact, it’s probably the only thing that makes the cold slightly bearable and enjoyable. Throw a couple of pieces of steak on the fire, invite over some interesting conversationalists, and you my friend, may just have one of the awesomest times of your life. I heart red wine. The end.


7. Red hat

I bought this red wool hat at Woolies a few years ago and it has been one of the best investments I have made to date. It simply does not go out of style! Never does a winter go by without me rocking it at least a dozen times. And it looks elegant and stylish and fits my ‘mostly’ neutral-coloured wardrobe perfectly.


8. Blush

I’m always jealous of lighter skinned people who manage to pull of au naturel blushing cheeks during cold winter days. I simply cannot blush, or maybe I do underneath my skin colour, but no one sees it. Luckily, the makeup gods have made provisions for people with non-blushing cheeks like mine. (Thank you makeup gods!) I use a variety of blushes including Maybelline, Bobbi Brown and Loreal. Artificial pink cheeks are as good as the real thing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


9. Chamomile tea with honey

Another winter favourite is my Chamomile and Lemongrass tea with honey. However, at the time I took this picture, I only had Freshpak’s ‘normal’ Chamomile tea, which is the second best thing. Besides for tasting delicious, it’s packed with antioxidants to keep up your immune system and fight those nasty flu viruses. Win-win situation, don’t ya think?


10. Heater

A bit of an obvious choice, but a house is not a home without a heater in the winter. No, you don’t understand; the winter nights in the Langeberg can easily drop to around 0 degrees Celsius and it can be pretty brutal. A heater is not only vital, it’s a necessity. Get a heater, or die. It’s really that simple.


Do you have any winter must-haves? Tell me in the comments box.

Until next time,

M xx