Facebook Content Map

Howdy guys,

I’ve had so many people ask me what the perfect daily dose of Facebook content should look like. That’s a very tough question. You have to find a balance between stimulating, entertaining and not boring your Facebook followers. Plus you must add engaging content otherwise your posts are pretty much in vain.

The whole point of posting something onto Facebook, or any other social media site, is to build a relationship with your target audience. However, you should be careful not to bore, irritate or annoy your viewers. I’ve unfriended and unfollowed many pages because I simply could not cope with their daily posts that were either too many and annoying or too little to be really meaningful to me.

In aid of this small little predicament, I’ve created what I call, the perfect ‘Facebook Content Map’. It’s a combination of posts you can use daily to interact with your audience. These few posts will keep them engaged and not irritated or bored.

What I did not add to this list is the importance that original content plays on all your social platforms. But I will post another article on why original content is so very important when sharing with your viewers.

Download the content map below and keep it handy for your daily posts.

Happy facebooking everyone!

Till next time,



Content Map_Aim