Happy 2015!

Howdy guys,

I rang in the New Year from the sandy beaches of one of the most gorgeous places in the world, Camps Bay beach, accompanied by some of the people I love most. We were treated to spectacular performances of fireworks against the backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Seaboard.

I spent most of the December holidays basking in the African sun while frolicking in the waters of Seapoint beach in Cape Town. I visited many tourist sites and ate at some of the yummiest restaurants Cape Town had to offer. I love that my blog allows me to show off just how incredibly beautiful my country really is.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me… I’d like to take a moment to brag with the beauty of Cape Town…


We were crazy enough to climb Table Mountain these past holidays (and I have the sunburned shoulders to prove it!). It took us 2.5 hours to do the uphill climb but once we reached the top we decided to take the cable car down. I managed to get quite a few aerial shots in the process. This one is a picture of Lion’s Head, the little mountain right next to Table Mountain, against the Atlantic Ocean backdrop.


This is another aerial shot of Cape Town with the 2010 Fifa World Cup Greenpoint Stadium.


Once we’ve reached the top of Table Mountain I went picture crazy. Isn’t it just breath-taking?


We also visited Rhodes Memorial, a national landmark, which provides a magnificent view of Cape Town. The site is a memorial to English-born South African politician Cecil John Rhodes who owned vast areas of the lower slopes of Table Mountain, most of which he gave to the nation on his death in 1902.


Another view of Lions Head.


My #vacaybrag picture… On the beaches of Camps Bay.


Another aerial pic I took while making my way up Table Mountain.


The tidal pool at Seapoint beach.


We also visited the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens which was an absolute treat for the eyes. So, so beautiful.


One of the things I loved most about South Africa is our cuisine, especially the Malaysian influences including rich-flavoured curries. I love curry! We had curry quite a few times during our stay in Cape Town. This is one of the dishes we had at the Rhodes Memorial restaurant and it didn’t disappoint. #yum


Heading down from the top of Table Mountain in the cable car. And yes, that is my hand on the handle bar, clinging on for dear life! It was nerve-wrecking as hell!


Another gorgeous shot from the cable car.


The ever-so-gorgeous Camps Bay! Wow… what a beauty!


Ringing in the New Year on top of my throne… Let’s do this 2015!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. What did you do during the holidays? Tell me in the comments section.

Till next time. Hugs and high5’s!