ATT: All Facebook Business Pages (Video)

Howdy guys,

If you administer a Facebook page, then today’s DIY Monday is for you. Facebook is making major changes to its newsfeed algorithm come January 2015 and ALL pages will be effected so best prepare for it now.

From January 2015, Facebook will reduce the organic reach of all business pages substantially, essentially ‘forcing’ them to pay for advertising. As a principle, I’m against paid advertising on social media as I believe it should be free. If you rely largely on Facebook to communicate with your target audience and you do not have a marketing budget, I’d suggest you either immediately start planning for additional expenses or find other avenues to reach your target audience. You can read more about Facebook’s craziness here.

In today’s DIY Monday, I’ll show you a small little trick you can do to ensure that your subscribers/followers still receive updates from your page (even if Facebook will try to hide it). So go ahead and watch the video…

Thanks for stopping by guys. Have a good one.

Hugs and high5’s!


screencast (5) from Meriza on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “ATT: All Facebook Business Pages (Video)

    • Hello Jen, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Completely agree 100% with you re other social media outlets. For example, I get around 80% of my traffic from Twitter and even though my blog has a facebook page, it doesn’t necessarily generate hits to my blog. As a result, I’m not too bothered with this change from Facebook’s side. So I agree and encourage people to rather opt for twitter as a sharing tool, rather than facebook. Keep up the good work. Have a lovely day!


      • Hey Jen, you nailed it again… Social media, regardless of which one, is hard work. I joined Pinterest for a while but then found it a little too time-consuming. I was flipping through a ton of pretty pictures and before I knew it, I was missing an hour or two of unproductivity. Yikes! Actually, mind you, that is exactly their aim, so good job to them but unfortunately time is a luxury I don’t have. So I decided to halt all my Pinterest-related activities until further notice. The only other social sites I will recommend at this stage (besides twitter) is LinkedIn (you can add a company/blog page) and Instagram. But that’s it. If, however, you decide to take the Pinterest-leap in future, please let me know how you find it and how it works for you blog. I will appreciate that so much. Till next time, take care.

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