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Howdy guys,


So I’ve been pretty much all over the place this past month and I thought I’d map out some resemblance of a schedule in my life for two reasons mainly; firstly, so that I can plan my time around my business activities. It’s been a bit tough this past month since all I did was either to post updates to my blog or planning to post updates to my blog. This has occupied all my time and I haven’t found the time to do much else. And secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I want everyone who likes a certain section of my blog to know on which days they can look out for their favourite content.

And while on the topic of content; as you all know that to be successful in any type of online marketing, it is vital to concentrate solely on one niche market to advertise your services. Initially, I was all over the place trying many things to ‘find’ my market as I really liked so many things; I used to be a financial journalist and so that is probably my first love when it comes to any type of writing, but I also like fitness and health stuff, I love, love, loooove wine, and then I have a passion for useful online marketing tools. So I tried posting a few articles on all the above over the past couple of months just to get a feel of what people like but it didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped. Eventually I’m forced to pick my niche, and I’ve narrowed it down to two things; Wine (of course, because… duh?!) and online DIY content. I admit it’s a bit of an odd mix…. and your point is? So if that’s what you are interested in, please follow my blog as most of my posts will be related to either one or the other. I will also try to add random posts in between, just because I can.

But to come back to my schedule, please pay careful attention; I will post an Online DIY piece on Mondays, starting next week. My wine interviews I will do every Tuesday, starting this week and then the actual review will go onto my blog every Thursday. It takes a little while to work through not only the content from the interview but the pics can be extremely time-consuming. And my blog must have **awesome pics**. That’s non-negotiable, of course.

If you are either interested in acquiring better Online DIY tools or you like reading the latest wine reviews, please subscribe to my blog (see top right hand side). Please also follow me on twitter and follow my blog on facebook. I’ll be posting a lot more wine reviews and online DIY tips over the coming months.

Thanks to everyone who has already subscribed, you guys are awesome! #sograteful

Till next time, xoxo

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