Happy (belated) Spring!

Okay, so I’m about 11 days late but I just had to add a blogpost on the season of flowers and blossoms and honeybees and strawberries! Oh my word….it’s Spring!


Very befitting to the season of ‘change’, I have created a ‘Spring bucket list’ of things I will attempt to do while the sun shines a little brighter and the air is a little warmer. So here goes;

1) Go wine tasting

As I’ve mentioned (or rather bragged) a few times before; I live in the most gorgeously, beautiful wine valley with any given wine tasting room literally on my doorstep. And yes, I know I am very fortunate. Spring is also known as the season for wine tasting (and drinking) and that is exactly what I intend to do!

2) Plant some flowers

While the weather is a little warmer outside it’s an awesome opportunity to spend some time outdoors and why not do your little contribution to the environment by planting some flowers (and trees too)!

3) Take a bike ride

Contrary to popular believe, I used to be quite an avid cyclist. I’ve completed the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, a 109 kilometre race, at least once in my life (the operative word being; ‘completed’). I plan to take full advantage of the warmer weather by partaking in outdoorsy activities, like cycling and running/jogging. Early evenings are a great time to be outside.

4) Spring cleaning

Attention all hoarders: ‘Tis the season to SPRING CLEAN! What better excuse to get rid of all stacked up and clogged up ‘stuff’ than to spring clean? I love getting rid of old stuff because it makes space in my life for new ‘things’ (not material stuff necessary) to come my way. In fact, I’ll even go as far as saying that in order for new things to come into our life, you must get rid of the old. As the saying goes; ‘Out with the old, in with the new.’

5) Picking strawberries

Strawberry picking is the best way to celebrate Spring. What’s not to love; it’s fun, yummy and red! What more could you possibly want in life?

6) Sit at an outside cafe

Gone are the days when we used to rush inside from the cold to get a cuppa java from our faviourite coffee shop. Oh no! Now we pick the outside table, open a newspaper or book and chill with our sunglasses and a good ol’ cup of boeretroos. Ah! Isn’t this what dreams are made of?

7) National Braai Day!

27th September marks National Braai Day (not that we need reason to braai/barbeque). Whoophoo!! Bring on the grills, the wood, the seasoned steaks and the wors (sausage). As South Africans there are very few things we like more than a good old-fashioned piece of meat on the grill. My tummy is smiling.

Spring also provides ample opportunity to grab my camera and just go out exploring. I hope to build up a solid Spring collection of pics and share them with you. Happy Spring everyone!

Till next time, xoxo…