Heavenly Hermanus

We recently spent a few days in Hermanus at the Whale Coast and it turned out to be the greatest trip we’ve ever had. Like ever! Everything was perfect; the weather, the tourist sites, the food, the wine, the people. It was just picture-perfect (as illustrated by the evidence below)!

As they would say in Hermanus; We had a whale of a time!


There is a reason I posted this picture first. It was possibly my favourite of the entire trip. It’s a sculpture located on the cliff at the Hermanus beachfront, entitled “Awaiting your return” and was made by Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe. Oh man, the many stories my mind created upon viewing the name of this sculpture. How romantic!






En route to Hermanus we stumbled upon the most beautiful landscapes of yellow and green fields, it was spectacular! Contrary to popular believe, these pictures have not been  photoshopped, it was honestly the actually views as was captured by my camera. I kid you not!





We literally dined on the beach. It was such a perfect day!


It’s almost-but-not-quite-yet whale viewing season in Hermanus and we managed to get a glimpse of at least one whale that occasionally, lazily waved its massive tail to curious bystanders. The real batch of whales are expected to pass the little town around mid to late September. I was lucky to get a quick snap of this sea giant before it retreated back into the ocean again. How magical!


I loved viewing the historical sites along the beachfront.

Till next time xoxo…

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