If winter had a colour…

Although I was born in the southern hemisphere summer, for some reason I’ve always been drawn to the melancholic side of winter. I think it has largely to do with the dark, rich colours that coincide with this cold season. Hmmm… Think rich browns, burnt oranges, avo greens, navy blues not even to mention my absolute favourite; 50 shades of grey! I have the widest variety of tops, pants, skirts, scarfs and just about everything in all shades of grey! (And yes, sadly I’m boring like that.)

I’ve always loved winter for its cold but mostly because it’s synonymous with neutral, warm and rich colours. That had me thinking, if winter had a colour, what colour would it be? I’d go with rich browns and avo greens. What do you think??

I recently captured some pics of rich colours of trees and grass and soil and mountains.

Enjoy, xoxo…