Schnee auf den Bergen

Schnee auf den Bergen (Snow on the mountains)!

Just when we thought the winter couldn’t get any colder, we were surprised with a fresh batch of snow on the mountain tops here in the Langeberg valley! Burrrrr! Temperatures have dropped to below zero degrees Celsius overnight and we are cuddling up next to fireplaces and heaters and stoves and ovens and just about anything that could provide momentarily comfort and warmth.

One thing I love about the cold is that you’ll rarely see people walk around aimlessly or absentminded. Everyone is off to do whatever they need to complete before they scurry back to their respective homes before the night cold settles in. It’s almost like their lives have suddenly received a sense of purpose. My electric blanket has become my dearest companion, I swear I would not have survived this winter without it.

I managed to get a few snaps of the snow on the mountains. Enjoy!

Till next time…






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