Random landscape picture

One of the things I love most about photography is the ability to capture beauty in its most natural form. I absolutely love blue skies, green grass, dirt roads, blue mountains and yellow and orange sunsets. I would capture these all day, if I could. But landscape photography has been both a challenge and adventure to me.

Sometimes what the eye sees is not the same as what the lens sees and let me tell you, this can be an extremely frustrating ordeal. Having to find that perfect combination between ISO, light and dark exposure and aperture can leave you exhausted and mentally drained. And trust me, for a perfectionist like me, it is excruciating. But, like most things in life, photography too, can be ‘figure-outable’.

The pic below was taken during the December holidays on our way back home after spending some time at the West Coast. It was somewhere around the Swartland, hence the stacks of hay. I was driving and taking the pic at the same time, which resulted in the little blur effect at the bottom of the pic (not my brightest moment, I know). I simply couldn’t resist the urge to capture the perfect combination of bluest of blue skies, whitest of white clouds and the yellowist hay. It was perfect.

What with all the artificial beauty in the world around us nowadays, this picture ought the speak volumes.

Till next time…