Going crazy at the Wacky!

As this year’s Wacky Wine Weekend was drawing to a close on Sunday evening, something else was brewing inside of me. And no, eternal optimists, it wasn’t something good. After greeting everyone goodbye, I drove back home with a stiff neck and a burning flame in my throat. Aggghhh, you guessed it. The flu.

I’ve been suffering the worst fever and headaches for the past two days which made scanning through the almost 1,000 pics a tad bit problematic. But alas! I shall not be conquered! I lifted my sickly bum and manage to sort through my selection of AH-mazing pics!

On the upside though; the good thing about catching the flu right after a festival is the calories lost which you (might or might not) have gained during the eating festivities (don’t judge!). The yummiest rotie and curry for breakfast, sugar and cinnamon pancakes for lunch and curry samosas for dinner. It was culinary heaven! But bad news for my hips.

This year was different than any other year in that we had the most gorgeous sunny days ever! It was still cold due to snow on the high mountains but the days were exceptionally beautiful. This year was also different in that I managed to score a 2 in 1; a designated driver slash trainee photographer (yay!). Of course this means that I ended up on most of the pics (ala paparazzi) which was a nice little treat for me.

This year we visited Wansbeck Wines, Robertson Winery, Rooiberg Winery, Graham Beck Wines and concluded our trip with a visit to Viljoensdrift Wine Farm.

Me, my sister and her bf, Moe (aka designated driver slash trainee photographer) had the greatest time, tasting some of the best wines the area has to offer and eating some of the most delish foods. If I could grant everyone one wish, it would be to experience the beauty of this valley. It truly is breath taking.

Enjoy my pics! Till next time…







We climbed on top of the biggest chair in Africa at Rooiberg Wines.




Writing on the wall at the back says: “At Sumsare there’s always time for a glass of wine. Life is too short for bad wine.”





We even went go-carting…


We had our caricature sketched by an artist at Graham Beck Wines.

IMG_4550 copy_Small

My partners in crime and fellow wackyers, my sis and Moe. Pic taken by yours truly. #<3