Off to the polls we go…

This year, South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, and today we will once again head to the polls in our fifth democratic elections. I’ve been contemplating a lot of what I will write for my voting day blog post. I wanted to make it significant enough to stress the importance of voting, yet not too detail-orientated so that my non-political readers will be bored.

Contrary to popular believe, I used to be an avid political commentator. Back in my journalism days I used to follow political parties, read their manifestos and listen to their party promises. However, as of late, I have taken little interest in the goings-on of the halls in Parliament, sadly.

Truth be told, I simply didn’t have the stomach to sit through yet another year of lies and empty promises. For the first time since democratic South Africa, I have completely withdrawn from all election news. I have not tweeted or retweeted any election-relating news, I have not facebooked any and I surely didn’t blog about it either. Electioneering, just like the poo-throwing in Cape Town, left a stinky residue and an uneasy feeling in my stomach. As far as developing countries go, South Africa is way up there with cheap electioneering tactics. It literally is sickening.

However, in line with my life goal to leave a legacy for my future children, and as is befitting of a good, democratic citizen, I have voted this morning. Many people have sacrificed their lives for my freedom and so I do not take my freedom for granted. So here goes South Africa, let freedom reign in the halls of your voting station. Make your mark. Leave a footprint.


On my way to the voting hall…


The voting hall in my small town.


There are days that I don’t believe democracy is an effective form of governance… Today is not such a day. Voted the hell out of that ballot. Awesomest feeling ever! Been there, done that, got the selfie! #thatshowIroll #elections2014

If you haven’t voted yet, do it now!