Easter in the Langeberg…

For Easter weekend this year, my family came from Paarl, Joburg and as far away as Nigeria to enjoy the loooong weekend with me in the Langeberg valley. The weather blessed us with the most gorgeous sunny days ever! Wowie, what an awesome weekend it was!

We simply couldn’t get enough of the sunshine and spent most of our time outdoors. I managed to get quite a few cool snaps inbetween all the fun. Here are some of the best ones…

AIM_Easter FB2

This was at Van Loveren Wine Farm just outside Ashton.

AIM_Easter FB8

This one was taken on the beautiful boat trip on the Breederiver at Viljoensdrift Wine Estate, also outside Ashton.

AIM_Easter FB7

Combination picture of Bourbon Street, a cosy little restaurant in Robertson (left) and the kitchen at Van Loveren Wine Estate.

AIM_Easter FB6

The very beautiful views of Viljoensdrift Wine Estate.

AIM_Easter FB5

Yummy foods at Van Loveren’s Bistro, Christina’s Restaurant.

AIM_Easter FB4

This must be one of my favourite places on earth; Mo & Rose at Soekershof. The beauty of this place is really understated… Not to mention the great food and wonderful staff. I lovit!

AIM_Easter FB3

Another angle of the boat at Viljoensdrift Wine Estate.

AIM_Easter FB1

I love this combination picture of Christina’s restaurant at Van Loveren Wine Estate.



In the beginning, there was light…

I finally had the courage of my convictions…I’m starting a blog! I realise that to be successful professionally (and perhaps personally too), I absolutely have to invest in blogging as a means to reach and communicate with others. What does the greatest creative and artistic works matter when you have no one to share it with, right? So, please allow me to introduce my new communication platform to you…*drums rolling*. I present to you; Photonista : The Blog.

“You love writing! Blogging should be easy for you,” my sister says.

Yes, true but there are two teeny, tiny problems. 1) To quote Thomas Mann; “A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” I cannot agree more. I write and rewrite more than a dyslexic perfectionist. It’s irritating and time-consuming and it drives me up the walls, and yet it is one of the greatest loves of my life! And 2) I’m an absolute, crazy private person who hates even posting a picture of myself on Facebook. Mind you, my Facebook friends are kept at an absolute minimum as I am more likely to reject than accept an invitation. No, I’m not that bad…I’m worse!

So I’ve been back and forthing about this blogging thing and finally decided to give it a go. Please know that I will most likely not blog about myself (my life’s not that interesting anyway). But I do hope that you’ll tag along for the journey as I grow (or at least try to grow) professionally.

Here’s to my blogging journey of discovery…